The phone rings and suddenly you are expecting visitors. You don’t have time to cook and mainly you don’t want to. This means cheese board! Quick, easy, perfectly accompanies your wine and always makes an impression. The preparation is simple and essentially based only on getting the things you will need and assembling them.

The cheeses.

There are four main categories of cheese:

  • the soft/white ones,
  • the hard/yellow ones,
  • the aged/ripened ones
  • blue cheeses.

Use one of each category, with the very strong cheeses in smaller amounts.

The sausages.

Different types, plain or with herbs.. Countless options so we choose those that suit our guests’ tastes and ours.

The accompaniments

The right platter also needs the right accompaniments that will highlight your cheeses and maximize their enjoyment. Even if you are the biggest cheese lover you want something to munch with it.

  • Serve with various EF ZIN breadsticks or XAKOUSTA breadsticks.
  • Dried fruits perfectly balance all cheeses, especially the saltiest ones. Between the cheeses scatter apricots, dates, plums, raisins, cranberries and figs.
  • Dips are also an important part of the set. A jam or a chutney, a hummus or a cooler yogurt dip.
  • Also use some vegetables such as cucumber, carrot and celery, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and pickles.
  • Finally, you can add nuts and fresh fruit.